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Archie - 2017

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Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
75 Belford Rd.
Open daily from 10 am –  5 pm



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For more information about the history of the mill see the timeline  on their website.

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tapestry Oak Man10848733_10152913404939044_6612963213158850544_o

“Woad Deva,” by Ruth Jones

Tapestry Pieter Coecke Met

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Art is the Cloth

Archie at Art is the Cloth opening


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where to buy levitra 20mg

“The Art is the Cloth”

where to buy levitra 10mg

opening in March 2015 thru April

exact dates to be announced soon

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2014-10-02 13.45.44

2014-10-02 13.44.57

2014-10-02 15.11.39

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DVD 4: Slides 1980s — 2000s

where to buy levitra 20mg

DVD 6:  Hatching and half-pass, etc.

Archie and Susan farewell.


Cost $249
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Mail check to:  Brennan Maffei Tapestry
P.O. Box 312
New Baltimore, NY 12124
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